Top Ten Most Popular Recipes of 2021

Every year I love seeing the most popular recipes on my site and this year there is a huge variety in the top ten! From snacks to main dishes to sides to desserts, there is something for everyone. As always, thanks for being here and sharing your love of food with me!

10. The Best Refrigerator Pickles - This recipe was so different than anything I ever make! First off, I have never been a big pickle fan, but I had so many cucumbers in my garden that I needed to use them up somehow. I tried a few recipes that did not end well so I was extra proud of these. You've got to try them!

9. Birria Quesotacos (Pressure or Slow Cooker) - Birria tacos made a huge impact on the food world this year and I had to try making them at home. They're a little bit of a process, but the end result is totally worth it. All of your family and friends will be so impressed when you make these!

8. Healthy Orange Julius - This is such a fun recipe! Not only does it taste similar to the original Orange Julius, it's good for you, too! I've been sick all week so I'm definitely craving one of these right about now.

7. Zucchini Bread with Streusel Topping - This is another recipe that came about because of an overabundance in my garden. Not only is this zucchini bread delicious, but I was able to demonstrate it on TV. What a crazy year!

6. Buttery Garlic Oven-Roasted Potatoes - These potatoes really do make the perfect side! They are so buttery and have the perfect amount of garlic flavor. These are a huge hit at our house and they really go with almost anything.

5. Oven Roasted Salsa - This is another recipe that has been a big hit among so many! The flavor is unreal, especially when you use fresh garden tomatoes. Another great way to use up your garden veggies!

4. Red Hot Rice Krispies Treats - Ok these were so fun to make! I love Rice Krispies treats and I thought adding Red Hots would be so fun. It turns out, it was a great decision! The cinnamon goes so well with the marshmallow and I love the little bits of Red Hots.

3. Ham and Cheese Puff Pastries - This is probably my favorite recipe of the year and I'm so proud of them! They are honestly so easy, but they taste like you got them from a fancy bakery. I was also able to make these on TV and show how simple they really are.

2. Caramel Stuffed Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - These were another fun recipe to make! What's better than finding some gooey caramel stuffed inside of your favorite cookie. These are extra delicious with the best surprise inside.

And the most popular recipe of 2021 is...
1. Funfetti Chip Cookies - I can see why these are the most popular recipe this year! Who doesn't love Funfetti?? If you can find them, these cookies can be made with Funfetti chips or regular white chocolate chips. They are perfectly soft and the sprinkles make them so fun. Definitely a crowd pleaser!

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