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Sweet and Savory Apple-Cheddar Galette

My mom recently bought me a huge container of Honeycrisp apples from Costco that are bigger than my fist and so crisp and delicious. While I love eating them plain, I wanted to do something special with them. I'm honestly not a huge apple dessert fan so I thought I'd try a savory apple galette.

This galette has cheddar in the crust, a perfectly spiced Honeycrisp apple filling and a smothering of thyme butter once its baked. The combination of sweet and savory is just too good! You have to try this while Honeycrisps are still in season!

Sweet and Savory Apple-Cheddar Galette Adapted from How Sweet Eats 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour 1/2 Tbsp. sugar 1 1/2 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. dried thyme 1/2 large egg (crack egg into small bowl, whisk and measure 1 1/2 Tbsp.) 1/2 tsp. white vinegar 1/4 cup ice cold water 1/2 cup cold unsalted butter, sliced into 8 pieces 1/3 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese Egg Wash: 1 egg and 1 tsp. water, whisked together pinch of white sugar and dried thyme for topping

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