Top Ten Most Popular Recipes of 2013

Alright guys, this is it. The top ten most popular (viewed) recipes of 2013. I wasn't quite as much of an animal this year when it came to posting, but I still posted a significant amount.

10. Banana Bread Muffins -- I made these muffins in hopes of my sometimes picky toddler enjoying them and they were a hit. Not only did he like them, but my husband and I did as well.

9. Burger Gyros -- Not only was this one of the most viewed recipes, it was also one of my favorites. I could eat these gyros over and over again. Delicious!

8. Belgian Cinnamon Leige Waffles -- I would have to say this was one of the fanciest things I made in 2013 and it did not disappoint. If you ever come across some Belgian pearl sugar, be sure to try it out on this recipe.

7. Super Sausage Biscuits and Gravy -- This was a different kind of recipe for me to try, but we loved it! There is plenty of sausage to go around for everyone, don't worry!

6. Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes -- This is one of our new favorites! It is so easy and the cheese sauce is amazing! A definite must-try!

5. Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce with Coconut Rice -- This is a new take on your average chicken dish and it is so tasty! Perfect to grill in the summer.

4. Mini Pizza Bread Bites -- This is something I came up with on my own and it turned out great! I am kind of addicted to anything pizza though...

3. Copycat IKEA Swedish Meatballs and Roasted Asparagus -- I had always wanted to try my own version of IKEA's famous meatballs and they had such a good flavor. And the roasted asparagus is out of this world. Can't wait until it's back in season!

2. Thin and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies -- I have made these cookies multiple times and every batch comes out perfect. They are my new favorite chocolate chip cookie!

And the most popular recipe of 2013 is...

1. Buttery Soft Pretzels -- I can totally see why these were #1. They were so good and I need to make them again ASAP. I would make them every month, but I would eat the whole batch myself. Yum!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and make sure to keep posted in 2014!


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