My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2023

I love sharing things every year that are tried and true and would also make great gifts. Hope you get some good ideas for all of the special people in your life!


1. Meyer Cookware - I was given this set earlier this year and I love it! They're non-stick, stackable and the lids are universal so they fit each pan. Such a great price, too!
2. w&p Plastic Lunch Bowl - I LOVE this bowl. It's so pretty and I love how it seals shut. I also love these glass containers for the same reason. This is definitely a step up from your classic Tupperware.
3. Nutribullet Blender - I had been looking for a new blender and my mom got me this one. I make a smoothie every single morning and this thing is a champ. It makes my smoothies perfectly smooth and is also great for small batch recipes. I highly recommend it!
4. Double Layer Fruit Basket - Our fruit basket seems to be overflowing these days and is sometimes a catch all for more than just fruit. This fruit basket has been a game changer. They have so many different options, but I love that this one still has a spot to hang bananas. 


1. Travel Pill Box - This may seem random, but it's awesome. So compact and perfect for trips!
2. Mini Travel Hair Brush (Detangler) - I don't like bringing a huge brush when I travel so this one is perfect and so cute, too.
3. Straightener/Curling Iron Travel Pouch - This is one of my favorite products! No more having to wait for your hair tools to cool down before you stuff them in your suitcase.
4. Small Travel Jewelry Box - I have needed something like this for a long time. It's tiny, which I love and holds a lot.


1. Owala FreeSip Plastic Water Bottle - I carry a water bottle around all day long and tried the Owala brand to see what all the hype is about. I can't explain how the FreeSip works, but it's amazing. It has a built in straw and it takes barely any effort to drink out of. I also love how you can fill it without taking off the lid. I prefer a lighter weight plastic one, but so many love the stainless steel options. They're so pretty, too!
2. Tropic Hut Tropic Glow Body Butter - Someone gave this at a favorite things party I was at last year and it smells incredible! It's so hydrating, too. They make other products with this scent and I love the shave oil.
3. Mini Belt Bag - I won this bag in a giveaway and I was skeptical about these bags at first, but I love it! It is such a good size and is never in the way. It even fits my Kindle, which is pretty amazing. My friend, Lauren, sells these on Etsy with cute embroidery on the front.
4. Book Club Enamel Keychain - I saw this and want it so bad! So cute for any book lover in your life.

1. Shutterfly Customizable Wall Calendar - I order one of these for my MIL every single year. It's the perfect way to give pictures of family that they can see all year long. I love Shutterfly because they're great quality and have great prices when they have deals. 
2. Personalized Recipe Board - I got one of these boards this year and put my grandma's chicken recipe on it that is a family favorite. Her handwriting is so nostalgic to me. This would make the best gift!
3. Geometry Hand Towels - These will always be a favorite because they dry quickly, have the cutest patterns and wash so well. You can use my code RachelleeN15 for 15% off your order.
4. Narrow Side Couch Table - This is one of the best purchases I've made this year. You know how you always want to put a drink on the ground next to your couch, but are worried it will spill? This solves that. It's the perfect size and is so convenient!
BOYS (7-11)
1. Fablehaven Boxed Set - My 9 year old loves these books and devoured them! He's already on to the next series by Brandon Mull called Dragonwatch, which he loves as well.
2. 3D Printing Pen - This is something we're buying for my boys because they love to create and I've heard great things!
3. Micro Galaxy Squadron Toys - My boys are big Star Wars fans and these toys are so cool! They're basically Polly Pockets for boys and the ships make sounds and open up. I think they're awesome.
4. Snap Ships - This was another fun find for my 7 year old. He loves to build things and they are cool ships that you snap together. You can combine the pieces together and make your own creation.

1. Project Smoke Cookbook - My husband loves his smoker like most men do so I got him this for his birthday. He is so excited because everything looks so good and it has great reviews!
2. Sitka Hunting Traverse Pants - My husband loves these pants because they're lightweight, water-resistant and have a stretch to them so they're really comfortable.
3. Simple Modern 49ers Tumbler - If you have a sports fan in your life, these tumblers are great! My husband got himself this and he loves it.
4. SJK Ronin 20 Degree Sleeping Bag - This sleeping bag is super warm, lightweight, compact and there are zippers on both sides to put your arms out if you get hot.

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This is not a sponsored post, but there are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


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