My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2022

 I love sharing things every year that are tried and true and would also make great gifts. Hope you get some good ideas for all of the special people in your life!


1. Kitchen Sink Caddy Holder - After we redid our kitchen and got a new sink this year, I wanted to organize the area around our faucet. This kitchen sink caddy is awesome and I love how it keeps dish brushes, soap and sponges off the counter. You can easily remove the tray and rinse it clean. Such a great idea!
2. Glass Spice Jars with Labels - These spice jars have made me ridiculously happy. I had quite the system for spices before so this was definitely an upgrade. I love that they have labels on the front and on the lid. They are so pretty when they're all filled, too. Plus it comes with a spice funnel that makes it so easy to fill them. This would be a great gift for so many people!
3. Progressive Powdered Sugar Storage - Powdered sugar can make such a mess when it's still in the bag so this holder is genius! It comes with a sifter spoon for dusting and a bar for evenly measuring the powdered sugar. They have a brown sugar holder that I love as well. It's been a game changer for keeping the brown sugar soft!
4. Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale - A food scale comes in handy often enough that I love having one in my kitchen. That being said, I don't have a lot of space so I love how thin and sleek this one is. It works great and it's a great price, too!

1. Rifle Paper Co. Book Club Mug - I have been eyeing this mug for a while now and I'm planning on getting it as a gift for myself. It is so pretty and every book reader would love it! And we all know you can never have enough cute mugs, right??
2. All Along You Were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nichols - I have loved seeing MHN's artwork on Instagram and once I heard that she had this book, I knew I had to buy it. It has the prettiest artwork along with the most inspirational poetry. This is a perfect book for someone going through a hard time or just anyone that loves happy and inspiring quotes.
3. The Book Lover's Journal - I received this at a favorite bookish things party and I love it! It's a way to keep track of the books you read and it is perfectly practical. I'm using it to write down all of my 5 star reads, which will be so fun to look through later.
4. Book Outlet Gift Card - There is nothing better than getting new books for cheap and Book Outlet is the way to go! You won't believe the deals they have and they have sales all the time. A gift card to Book Outlet would be a perfect gift for any book lover. And if you use my link for your first purchase, you'll receive a $5 coupon!

1. Milette Pearl Drop Huggies - These are easily my favorite earrings! I've always loved pearls so I knew I needed them. They not only look amazing, but they are such high quality, too. You can even remove the pearls if you only want to wear the gold hoops. The rest of her earrings are so cute, too and they have some for all ages!
2. Reusable Oversized Shower Cap - I've recommended this to a few people lately so I thought I would add it on here. I never thought I would be a shower cap wearing woman, but here I am! My hair always used to be so frizzy on top and I realized it would get wet from the shower mist even when I wasn't washing my hair. I wear this now and it's been a game changer! This one is oversized for those of us with a lot of hair. You may look dorky wearing it, but it's the best!
3. Billie Razors - I have used these razors long enough to tell you that they are my favorite! I was a Venus fan for most of my life, but my skin started to get more sensitive as I got older. The biggest thing I realized was that I should have been changing the blade more often, even weekly. Enter the Billie razor that is a monthly subscription. The refill razors get delivered straight to you door! I LOVE that it is magnetized and comes with a magnet to hang in your shower. No more messy razors in the corner. It also comes with the best travel cover, too. These always give a smooth shave and are just the best!
4. Caldrea Pear Blossom Agave Linen and Room Spray - We all need a little refresh in our homes every now and then and this linen and room spray smells heavenly! I don't know how to describe it, but it is light, sweet and makes your whole house smell better.

1. Super Mario Monopoly - I'll be the first to admit that the original Monopoly is my least favorite board takes way too long! This Super Mario version however is much shorter and fun for all ages. They have so many different Monopoly sets to choose from that you'll be sure to find one that everyone will love.
2. Character Encyclopedia - My boys have been obsessed with Character Encyclopedias for years and years. I swear they'll never grow out of them! We have every encyclopedia from LEGO to Star Wars to Super Mario to Sonic. They have Disney versions, too along with so many other options. If you have a kid obsessed with something, this would make a great gift!
3. Kinetic Sand - Kinetic Sand is a huge hit in our house and my boys can play with it forever! I love that they have new sets now like this Dino Dig one or the food ones that are super cute, too. Of course there's still a little mess involved, but I'd take Kinetic Sand over playing with real sand any day!
4. Mini Brands - Let's be honest here, I love the Mini Brand toys as much as my kids do. There are toy versions, food versions, Disney versions, dino versions, etc. I mean, who doesn't love surprise toys and then make them mini?? It's the best idea ever.


1. Pet Dog Bowls with Silicone Mat - Somehow I've finally entered the dog world and while I'm no pro, I've found some great products. We love these dog bowls with the silicone mat. It doesn't slip and catches a lot of the water drips and dog food. It's easy to clean and easy to take on the road, too.
2. Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Toy - I'm always on the lookout for new toys for my puppy and this squirrel toy is not only cute, but she loves it, too. It gives dogs the sensation of pulling out stuffing without actually ruining anything. It's really cheap and keeps them busy for a bit.
3. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Dispenser - A good portion of my time is now spent cleaning up dog poop and this dog poop bag dispenser is so handy! It hooks right onto your leash and is so easy to use. It even has a little hook for used poop bags so you don't have to carry them around on your walk.
4. MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle - I had seen these dog water bottles before I owned a dog and thought they were so smart. It's the best when you're out at the park or a soccer game and your dog needs a drink of water. The design is great and it's totally leakproof. I highly recommend getting the 19 oz. bottle!


1. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill - I asked my husband what he would recommend and these are the four things he told me. He has wanted a smoker forever and I was always against it since we already have a grill. I had only heard of the long hours spent smoking meat so I thought it wasn't for us. However, I have loved it and it's so easy to use! 
2. SITKA Gear Jetstream Jacket - My husband always wanted this jacket and after getting some bonus money at work last year, he finally got it. He takes it hunting and loves it because it's super lightweight, but still keeps him warm.
3. Tyger Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mounted Bicycle Platform - This was something else on my husband's list that he really wanted. This bike rack is great because even when the bikes are on, you can lower the entire rack to get into the back of your car. There's nothing worse than having to take all of the bikes off before you can open the back car door!
4. Husqvarna Handheld Gas Blower - Another item my husband always wanted is this leaf blower. We had one with a cord that was so annoying to walk around with and it took forever to start. This one starts right away, is cordless and has so much power. A great gift for anyone that does yardwork!

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This is not a sponsored post, but there are some affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


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