My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Here's another holiday gift guide of some of my favorite finds this year. I hope you'll be able to find something for all the different kinds of people in your life, including yourself!

1. KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer - My first hand mixer we got as a wedding gift basically only had one speed and it was ridiculously fast. Anything I tried to mix sprayed everywhere so I finally decided to replace it. KitchenAid mixers have the perfect speed settings and work so well. And be sure to check out all of the pretty colors! It makes me happy every time I use it.
2. OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set - I cannot say enough about how much I love these measuring cups. You look at the measurements from the top, which makes it so easy to measure liquids and they pour well, too. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone! Also, be sure to check out the mini cup. I use it ALL the time.
3. Pressure Cooker Accessory Set - If you or anyone you know has an Instant Pot or any kind of pressure cooker, you'll have to get them this accessory kit! It comes with a steamer basket, egg trivet, springform pan to make delicious cheesecakes and some handling tools. It's a great price, too.
4. 2-Cup Measuring Cup - This is a new-to-me product, but it's genius! Think of all the things you bake that call for multiple cups of flour. Use a 2-cup measuring cup and you'll be done measuring in no time.

1. Bathpack Silver Brush - While I have loved using a Wetbrush in the past to get the tangles out of my hair, I love this Bathpack brush even more. I have no idea why it's different, but it works better and it's only $5. All of their products are great and inexpensive, too!
2. Naked Basics Palette - This palette is perfect if you love neutral eyeshadows and the quality can't be beat. It goes on so smooth. I think it's a great palette for anyone and at a good price.
3. Invisibobble - This would make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with long locks. It grabs on to your hair with a tight hold, but doesn't kink it. I have really thick hair and it works great for me. It comes in several colors, too.
4. Real Techniques Instapop Eye Brush Duo - I recently purchased this after loving this brand's powder brush and I love how soft these brushes are. My eyeshadow goes on smoothly without irritating my eyelids at all. They really have a great line of products.

1. Felt Letter Board - Letter boards have been all the rage the last few years, but they can also be crazy expensive. Amazon carries a wide variety of inexpensive felt letter boards that are good quality and come with all the letters you need.
2. Boogie Board Writing Tablet - I know these are supposed to be geared toward kids, but I have my own and use it all the time to write down quick lists. I love that I'm not wasting paper and it's honestly just fun to write on. If you have a list maker in your life, then this would be the perfect gift.
3. Rifle Paper Wall Calendar - Everything that Rifle Paper touches is gold and their wall calendars are no exception. They are beautiful and add the best design to any wall. Honestly any of Rifle's products would make the perfect gifts.
4. Scratch Off Maps - I can't tell you how excited I was to find this product after searching year after year for something like it. Not only is it a great way to document where you've traveled, but the patterns underneath are gorgeous. This would make a perfect gift for the traveler in your life!

1. Onitsuka Tiger by Asics - I finally decided to replace my Onitsuka Tiger shoes after having mine for 13 years. When I say "replace" I really plan on still using my old ones to hike in and use my new ones to wear regularly. They have a hefty price tag, but when after 13 years they're still so comfortable and look cool, I'd say they're worth it. I love the Mexico 66 style, but they're all awesome.
2. Leafy Tree Top Leather Earrings - I found this company earlier this year and I LOVE the earrings she creates! They're leather so they're lightweight and look so great. This particular style is inspired by JoAnna Gaines' earrings, but I also purchased some braided and bar leather earrings that look good with everything. Be sure to check out all of the different styles!
3. Over the Knee Socks - We all know how big of a pain tights can be to put on and it's even trickier to find the right size. Enter these socks. I've been wearing them for years and they are so easy to slip on so you can still keep your legs warm without your tights riding up. 
4. Rad Swim Tankini - I'm so excited to share this swimsuit with you guys! If you haven't heard of Rad Swim, they're a swimsuit company that focuses on full coverage swimsuits that are not only cute, but are great quality. I own this tankini and it has great coverage, support, the prettiest detail and is such good quality. I'd definitely recommend it!


1. Richard Scarry's Busytown Eye Found It! Game - Now who doesn't love Richard Scarry's Busytown? I used to watch it all the time and now my boys love it, too. This game is so fun and easy for all ages. It would make a great Christmas Eve game.
2. Magformers Magnets - While these magnets are definitely pricey, they make such a good gift. This is the best brand I've found and they stay together so well. My boys are young and they are able to build things easily with this set. It's a toy that definitely keeps giving.
3. Magic Sketch Boogie Board - My boys got these Magic Sketch boards last year for Christmas and they still use them all the time. We love that they are able to trace different pictures and the best part is they are mess-free so they're perfect for church, home or even in the car. 
4. Block Books - My boys love these books so much because they are so creative and fun to look at. There are more than these three books so be sure to check them out on Amazon or wherever books are sold. 

For more gift ideas, be sure to check out my previous gift guides!

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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