My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Here's another holiday gift guide of some of my favorite finds this year. I hope you'll be able to find something for all the different kinds of people in your life, including yourself!

1. Silicone Muffin Liners: I have mentioned these several times on my blog because I love them so much! They are not only reusable, but they leave your muffin pan clean and your cupcakes or muffins nice and fluffy. I swear everything bakes better in these silicone molds. Also my main tip for cleaning them is to soak them with some water right after you remove your muffins. Scrub, rinse and done!
2. True Lime Shaker: I've already raved about this product on Instagram, but I can't get enough. True Lime is real crystallized lime that is amazing sprinkled on practically anything and can be substituted for real lime juice. They also have lemon, orange and drink mixes. You can usually find this on Amazon as well, but the prices seem to fluctuate more.
3. Priority Chef Knife Sharpener: I can't believe I've never owned a knife sharpener until now. I guess they've always seemed intimidating for some reason, but when I saw this style, I knew I could handle it. This sharpener works for straight and serrated knives and it's so easy to use! And for $18 it's the best deal around.
4. Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards: There's nothing worse than storing bulky, heavy cutting boards, am I right? These boards are so thin, fit great in the dishwasher and bend so you can dump your food into whatever bowl/pan you need to. I love the bright colors and also the price. You can't beat $6!

1. Kindle Paperwhite: While I've mentioned it on the blog before, I can't recommend the Kindle Paperwhite enough. I went from reading maybe 1 or 2 books a year to 24 just this year alone. That's craziness. The fact that it's portable and you can carry thousands of books in one small device is amazing to me. The best part is it actually looks like the page of a book and it won't hurt your eyes in the dark. Oh and the no-glare screen is incredible, too. Just buy it already! ;)
*Also the best places to get free or inexpensive eBooks are through your local library, Book Bub, Goodreads Deals and Kindle First
2. Bookshelf Tees: This is a newer company and I love everything they create. I own the Library Card tee, which is such a clever design. If you or someone you know is a book lover, they will love these book-inspired tees.
3. Barnes and Noble Collectible Editions: I'm a little late to the game with these books, but aren't they amazing?! They still have so many available online and I want them all. They're all leather bound and the artwork is incredible. 
4. Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book: The foodie and book nerd in me are obsessed with this book. Not only is the design amazing, but the content is as well. You basically "make" pancakes by adding flour, whisking in the eggs, pouring batter and flipping the pancakes. They also have a Pizza and Tacos one that I'm excited to get for my boys for Christmas. My 3-year-old asks to read it every day. It's so fun!

1. Brit + Co. Planner: I've always loved paper planners and Target has the cutest lineup. This one is undated so you can start using it whenever you like. It's so pretty inside and out!
2. Anker Lipstick-sized Portable Charger: We all know that phones tend to die in the worst possible places, but with this tiny portable charger, you can recharge your phone anywhere! It's so compact and they run from $15-$20. You can't argue with that price!
3. Multi-size Zipper File Bags: These may seem like organizer overkill, but I bought these recently and they've completely changed the inside of my purse. I now have one for diapers and wipes, hygiene items, my charger/Kindle and beauty items. There are so many options online, but I love the top zipper on these for easy access and that they're mesh so what's inside is a little more discreet.
4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: While my family isn't overly messy for the most part, this book had some great tips. I didn't agree with everything the author mentioned, but I love how she goes into how to easily discard items in your home and how to only keep things you love. Her biggest piece of advice is to find a place for everything in your home. *Hence #3 

1. Butter Bronzer: This bronzer has the prettiest shimmer and goes on so smoothly. And the very best part? It literally smells like coconut. You'll wanna smell your face all day long.
2. Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick: I actually received this as part of a beauty box and I fell in love with it. It really does moisturize your lips like crazy and has the prettiest tint. I own Almond Nude, which has a great color and smells/tastes amazing.
3. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink: While there are a million different lip inks out there, this one is a great price and it really does stay on. It has a pretty matte finish, but you can easily add some clear lip gloss for some shine, too.
4. Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel: I'm all about gel nail polish and this is a new one I've tried this year. It stays on so much longer than regular nail polish, especially on your toenails and I love this pink color.

1. Gold Sunburst Mirror: This is something I really want in my living room or bedroom. I really like this one from Wayfair, but there are also so many others to choose from so it might be a tough decision.
2. Coleman Beach Shade: These beach shades are all the rave right now and I really want one for my family. It would be great for soccer games, on the beach or anytime to get out of the hot sun.
3. Vivere Double Hammock with Stand: This hammock has such amazing reviews online and it's only $113. I realize I wouldn't be able to use it for months, but I think the wait would be worth it. Think of all the books I could read in that thing. ;)
4. Modern Watercolor: This book was just released by one of my favorite artists and I'm so excited to get it! I bought a watercolor paint set a few years ago and I really need some kind of book to guide me. Can't wait to bust out my paints!

Well that's it! I hope this guide helps you on all of your holiday shopping adventures. :)

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*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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