My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Here's a holiday gift guide of some of my favorite finds this year and some that I wish I had. I hope you'll be able to find something for all the different kinds of people in your life, including yourself!


1. Gourmia Air Fryer - An air fryer was not something I ever thought I'd purchase because of my limited storage space, but after seeing so many people rave about them I decided to buy one. Let's just say it's now one of my favorite small appliances because the possibilities are endless. I cook chicken breasts in it all the time as well as boiled eggs and bacon. If I want crispy fries in the fraction of time an oven would take, I put them in my air fryer. Honestly, there are so many good brands, but this is the one I have and love.
2. OXO Little Salad Dressing Shaker - I had wanted something like this for far too long and came across it in my grocery store. The green lid easily unscrews to pour all of your liquid ingredients inside with handy measurements and an awesome spout for pouring. If you know someone that loves to make homemade salad dressings or sauces than this would be the perfect gift!
3. ZYLISS Soft Skin Peeler - I didn't even know a soft skin fruit peeler existed until last year when of friend of mine showed me hers. This peeler perfectly peels peaches, tomatoes, apples, etc. If you have terrible knife skills like me than this will be your new best friend.
4. Greater Goods Digital Food Kitchen Scale - I used a cheap and tiny kitchen scale my husband got me off of eBay for years that worked ok, but it wasn't anything special. I finally got myself a decent kitchen scale at a great price. This one is so sleek and I love that you can measure a bowl and then zero out the weight to measure loose ingredients. It makes measuring so easy!

1. LATES Makeup Removing Cloths - I had heard a lot of hype about these "magic" cloths and finally bought some for myself. Let's just say these really are magic! All you have to use is warm water and they literally rub off ALL of your makeup. I wash my face like normal and then use them to dry off and I can't believe how much makeup comes off with them. It's incredible!
2. MelodySusie Make Up Brush Cleaner - I had been using a regular old bowl filled with soap and water to clean my makeup brushes, but these little Brush Eggs really do the trick! I squeeze some Honest Bubble Bath on one, wet my makeup brushes and then scrub them on the Brush Egg. I can't believe how much more makeup they remove! Apparently I'm really into removing makeup. ;)
3. Quip Electric Toothbrush - I'm sure everyone has seen an ad for these electric toothbrushes no less than 5 times. Their ads are everywhere! I have had multiple dentists/hygienists recommend that I use an electric toothbrush because of my receding gum line due to excessive brushing. I tried a Sonicare, but I could not handle the vibrations. It tickled my teeth like crazy! So I tried a Quip over a month ago and now I'm hooked. It has softer vibrations, a 2 minute timer and you receive a new brush head and battery every 3 months for $5. It also has an awesome travel case that comes with it. Can you see why I love it? My teeth honestly feel so much cleaner and if you want to get a $5 credit than use this link.
4. The Body Shop Body Butter - If you are prone to dry skin and live in a dry climate like me, you are constantly trying to find ways to moisturize your skin. This coconut body butter is so moisturizing, smells great and lasts a long time. It would really make the perfect gift! I have the peach one and love it as well. They come in 3 different sizes and I would recommend watching for sales! They have them all the time.

1. One Line a Day Journal (6x9) - I am a huge journaler and love Line a Day journals. They are perfect for the limited time I have to write each day. While I love the smaller journals, I wanted one with a little more space to write. This one is the perfect size for days when I want to write just a little bit more. This would be perfect for anyone who likes to journal!
2. Universal Thread Campbell Crossbody Bag - Now that my kids are a little older, I really don't like taking my big purse around with me everywhere. I bought this crossbody purse a few months ago for my birthday and I love everything about it. It's the perfect size, has plenty of pockets and goes with everything. It comes in 4 different pretty colors at a great price!
3. Personalized Birth Flower Ring - I first heard of birth flowers earlier this year and once I found out mine was a poppy I really wanted some jewelry with it engraved on it. I saw a birth flower necklace first, but since I don't wear necklaces very often I was so excited to find this ring. I got mine in silver to match my other rings and I love it so much. This company makes them in silver, gold and rose gold. I highly recommend them for family or friend gifts!
4. Seek and Find Classics - These books are so beautiful inside and out and are perfect for any book lover. They're geared more toward kids, but I think anyone would appreciate them. There is also Pride and Prejudice, The Jungle Book and The Christmas Carol versions. They are pretty enough to display and fun to look at with the whole family.

1. Crafty Bits Book Sleeve - I've been wanting a book sleeve for a while to prevent my books from being damaged while I'm traveling and I thought this one was so cute! I love that it has a pocket and you can also choose what kind of closure you want. I think I would definitely put a zipper on mine!
2. Leisure Lane Bistro Apron - I have never been much of an apron wearer, but I'm pretty sure that's because I've never owned a bistro apron. I like that it only covers your waist and thighs so it's not as bulky to wear. The pockets on this one look perfect and it also comes with a ring clip so I'll never misplace my rings! How cool is that?
3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker - I finally have gotten into the habit of taking exercising seriously this year and have wanted a FitBit for a while. I looked on Amazon and found this fitness tracker that is only $25 with a digital coupon and has 4 stars with almost 9K reviews. I definitely want to try it out to start tracking my sleep, steps, calories, etc.
4. FLEKK Eyeshadow Palette and Brush Set - I saw this advertised by someone I follow on Instagram and it looked so awesome! You take a quiz on their site about what color palette is best for your eyes and then they have a brush set to coordinate with each shade in your palette. They also sell the palettes and brushes separately, but I thought this set looked pretty great for a gift.

For more gift ideas, be sure to check out my previous gift guides!

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.


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