My Favorite Recipes of 2022

I love looking back at all of the recipes I posted throughout the year and while not all of these had the highest views, they are some of my favorites and most made. I just love sharing good recipes with anyone who wants them!

Beginner Sourdough Artisan Bread - I'm really proud of this recipe and this bread is heaven! Baking with sourdough can be really intimidating, but this recipe makes it a lot simpler. You can get a fresh artisan sourdough loaf at home that you can be proud of. All you need is some time to let it rise and a little bit of babying. It is seriously the best!

The Best No-Chill Chocolate Chip Cookies - There is nothing better than a good chocolate chip cookie other than one that takes no time to whip up! These cookies are amazing and have the best texture. The key to good cookies is to always underbake them and this recipe is proof of that. You've got to try these!

Korean Beef Bowls - This is easily my most used recipe from this year! I have made these several times and my whole family loves them. So dang easy to make with ground beef or turkey and they have the absolute best flavor.

Biscoff Cookie Butter Blondies - This was another recipe that was so fun to make! These blondies are loaded with not only cookie butter, but actual Biscoff cookies. That added crunch on top really makes the bars!

Everything Bagel Sourdough Crackers - I know there is a lot of sourdough in this post, but I am so proud of this recipe, too! There were so many failed test runs and it took forever to get them right. But I can now say that these are one of me and my husband's favorite snacks! They have the best flavor and are so addicting.

That's it! And always, thanks for being here!

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