Good Things Utah Segment

I did a crazy thing this week that I NEVER thought I'd do. I got asked to do a cooking segment on Good Things Utah and my initial reaction was to say no! Being on TV has never been an aspiration of mine and being filmed on a live show terrified me. Then I realized how crazy it would be to say no since they had approached me. So I said yes, chose what I was going to talk about and prepared my presentation.

The night before, I woke up during the night and could not go back to sleep! We're talking only a few hours of sleep here. I was emotional, did not want to go to the studio and was so annoyed that I didn't feel good. Then I got to the ABC 4 building and the sweetest receptionist let me in and the entire crew greeted me warmly. If it wouldn't have been for them I think I would have been so nervous.

I was led directly into the set with my cart of props and got to sit and watch the first half of the show. There is normally an audience, but because of COVID there wasn't. I was asked to set up my props beforehand so when they were ready for me they had me come up and stand behind the kitchen counter. Reagan Leadbetter, who I had watched on the show for years, was my host. She was so kind and so were the other hosts of the show.

They told me to ignore the cameras and act like I was talking to a friend in the kitchen so I tried my best to do just that. I showed Reagan how to make my Toasted S'mores Rice Krispies Treats, but I also talked about how to make perfectly chewy Rice Krispies treats. Everything went really well and overall I felt good about the whole experience. It also helped that the set was so small so I didn't feel as overwhelmed.

If you want to check out my segment, you can watch it here!

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