Same Blog, New Name

After having a hard time trying to find my own blog in a search engine the other day, I finally decided it was time to change the name. While I love the name For the Love of Food, so do several other bloggers. I've always wanted a unique blog name and a domain that matches it so tomorrow I'll be changing it to Cinnamon and Coconut at

I wanted something a little abstract that didn't involve my first name since it's hard to pronounce. I tried thinking of some of my favorite food-related things and cinnamon and coconut were the first to come to mind. Honestly, if there is anything cinnamon or coconut flavored when it comes to dessert, snacks or even a savory dish, I WILL try it.

Overall, I want my blog and recipes to be easy to find and easy to direct people to. I'm really excited about the name and hope everyone loves the change.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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