Eggnog Cinnamon Roll Skillet Bread

So one of my "checklist" items during December every year is to make some kind of baked good using eggnog. And while there may be many eggnog haters, eggnog in baked goods is a whole different story. It's amazing and you'll love it.
I came across this cinnamon roll skillet bread recipe and knew I would be able to incorporate eggnog easily after making these cinnamon rolls last year, which are amazing by the way. Anyway, I nixed the streusel topping, didn't need that much sugar, adjusted some ingredients and used the glaze from my cinnamon roll recipe.
And let me tell you, it worked out perfectly. Isn't it such a pretty dough, too?? I'm not normally much of a bread maker and this one does take some extra time to rise, but it's worth it. And it will wow anyone you share it with.
I made sure to include PLENTY of frosting because we all know that it's the most important part. And make sure you share this with your neighbors because it makes a TON. At least too much for my little family.
I mean how can you resist this gooey, sugary, eggnog mess?? You can't. And you need to make this.

Eggnog Cinnamon Roll Skillet Bread
Adapted from: Inspired by Charm
Rise Time: 2 hours | Bake Time: 35-40 minutes
For the Dough:
3 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
4 Tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. salt
3 tsp. instant yeast
1/4 cup water, warmed to 105-110 degrees F
1 cup eggnog, warmed to 105-110 degrees F
3 Tbsp. butter, melted

For the Sugar Coating:
1/3 cup butter, melted
1/2 tsp. vanilla
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

For the Glaze:
3 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted
2 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup eggnog

1. For the Dough: In a small bowl, mix together the yeast and warm water and set aside for 5 minutes until bubbly.
2. In the meantime, combine the flour, sugar, and salt in a stand mixer attached with the dough hook. Then add the warmed eggnog, melted butter and yeast/water mixture. Knead with the dough hook until smooth. (Add more flour if the dough is feeling too sticky.)
3. Remove the dough and place it in a lightly oiled bowl. Cover with plastic wrap, then a towel, and let it rise until it's doubled in size (about an hour).
4. Grease a 10 or 12-inch skillet and set aside. (I used a 12-inch, but a 10-inch would work fine.)
5. For the Coating: In a small bowl, combine the melted butter and and vanilla. In another small bowl, mix together the brown sugar and cinnamon.
6. Cut the dough in half and roll each piece into a rope about 3 feet long. Place the dough on a piece of wax or parchment paper. Liberally brush with the melted butter and vanilla mixture, making sure to cover all sides of the dough. Once buttered, coat all sides of the dough with the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture. Then, pinch the ends of the ropes and twist them together. Pinch the other ends once twisted.
6. Starting in the center of your skillet, place the twisted dough inside and wind it around. If you have any extra butter from the brushing, drizzle it over the dough. Cover the skillet with plastic wrap and let the dough rise until doubled in size (about an hour).
7. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Once the dough is doubled, bake for 35-40 minutes. When there is 10 minutes left, lightly cover the dough with a sheet of tin foil to avoid excess browning. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly.
8. For the Glaze: Prepare by whisking together the butter, powdered sugar and eggnog. Stir until smooth. Pour evenly over slightly cooled bread. 
*This bread is best served warm and the day it’s made.


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