Tips & Tricks: How to Shred Chicken Using a Stand Mixer

Does anyone else hate shredding chicken by hand? I sure do.

This is a little trick my husband learned from one of his co-workers the other day so we tried it out at home and it worked like magic.

Here are the very simple directions:

How to Shred Chicken Using a Stand Mixer
1. Poach (boil) your chicken breast(s) until cooked through.
2. Place cooked chicken in your stand mixer bowl (I have a Kitchen Aid) and attach the flat beater attachment.
3. Turn your mixer onto the low or medium setting and beat until shredded. (You may have to shred a couple of big chunks by hand, but the mixer pretty much does all the work for you.)
4. And voila!


  1. It seriously is. It makes it so easy that I'll actually do it now. Ha.


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