1. Nothing better than these thick Reese's Pumpkins. Do yourself a favor and buy a bag.
2. Artichoke Bacon BBQ Pizza. Recipe coming soon.
3. This is what breakfast looks like when I stay at my mom and dad's. Much better than my everyday bowl of cereal.
4. Apple Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls on a Sunday afternoon. Yum.
5. Found these Kiwi Berries at Tony Caputo's Market in SLC and absolutely loved them. Anyone else ever tried them?
6. Realized there is a Krispy Kreme store only 20 minutes away so I HAD to go there.
7. First time trying Thai food at Ekamai Thai in Salt Lake City. Review pending.
8. Gyro at Nick's Greek Cafe in Park City. Review soon to come.
9. Can it get any better than IKEA's Hazelnut Chocolate Bars? I don't think so.


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