Food Link Friday: Bite-Sized Goodies

I love dessert just as much as the next person, but only in small amounts.
These bite-sized treats are right up my alley!
Bite-Sized S'mores
Nothing's better than this classic combination and I love that I can make these in my own oven.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
"Scotcheroos" are my FAVORITE dessert and these could seriously be deadly for me. Oh my.
Mini Banana Cream Pies
Yum. Yum. Yum. I could easily eat these in one bite.
Snickers Brownies Bites
Snickers is one of my favorite candy bars and these sound divine!
No-Bake Strawberry Lemonade Bites
These sound so fresh and light. They're so cute, too!


  1. Hi Rachel, love your blog! I am currently working on a research project about why people love/buy bite-sized goodies. Was just wondering why you personally are a fan? Many thanks, Georgie

    1. Hi Georgie! Thanks for stopping by! I honestly think the reason I like them so much is because they're not only cute, but they are so easy to eat. Who doesn't love being able to just pop a whole dessert in your mouth? I also think it's because you can eat more than one and not feel too guilty. Hope that helps!


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