Frosted Frankenstein Graham Crackers

I volunteered to bring a treat to make for my oldest's Halloween party at school and I wanted something easy, fun and delicious. These Frosted Frankenstein Graham Crackers are just that and they are SO easy to make and perfect for all ages. Aren't they adorable, too?? And who doesn't love frosting and graham crackers? If you need something simple to make with your kids on Halloween, then this is it!

Frosted Frankenstein Graham Crackers
graham crackers, broken into squares
1 (16 oz.) container of vanilla frosting
green food coloring
candy eyeballs (I used Wilton's)
chocolate chips
1 tube black decorating gel
mini marshmallows

1. Add 6-10 drops of green food coloring to frosting and stir until combined.
2. Frost each graham cracker square and place 5 chocolate chips on top for Frankenstein's hair and 2 candy eyeballs underneath for the eyes.
3. Using the black decorating gel, create Frankenstein's mouth.
4. Place 2 marshmallows on the bottom two sides of the graham cracker for Frankenstein's bolts.


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