Food Link Friday: Gimme All the Apples

Apples are perfect for picking right now so I thought I'd round up a few yummy apple recipes I've seen floating around the internet!
Apple Cinnamon Streusel Galette
I've never had a galette, but I'm definitely up for trying this one! That streusel sounds divine!
Apple Pie Muddy Buddies
I love how so many people are creating new versions of muddy buddies! This one sounds like a real winner!
Caramel Apple Cider Floats
This drink sounds refreshing yet decadent! I've got to try it out!
Candy Apple Bar
Is this not the funnest take on candied apples you've ever seen?? It would be perfect for a party!
Apple Pie Cookies
These cookies not only sound amazing, but they look amazing as well!

For the Love of Food Link: Apple Pie Apple Nachos


  1. Rachelle, I LOVE these apple ideas! Thank you for sharing them. I think the Candy Apple Bar looks so awesome. Truly, what a great idea for a party! I think that was always one of my least favorite things about candied/caramel apples: you could never eat the apple without making a ginormous mess. The way they've cut the apples ahead of time is genius! Plus, then we get more tasty toppings on the apple, instead of just on the skin! :)

    1. I totally agree! I think it's such a cute idea and would be really fun for a party.


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