Life Lately - Spring Fever

So lately I've been thinking about the food blogs I enjoy reading the most and they're the ones that include a peak into their personal life. Not too personal, but enough to get to know the person behind the website I'm constantly looking at.

Therefore, I decided to start a blog series called, "Life Lately" that will include some random things about my life behind the blog.

Hopefully I'll keep up with it and it can be a fun way for me to look back at everything going on in my life.
-For Valentine's Day this year, Jordan got me these bright, pretty flowers that lasted forever and I finally made some sugar cookies. I used this recipe and practically ate all of them myself.
-While I may love to cook, I STRUGGLE with decorating. Hunter's room has been pretty boring the entire year we've lived in this house so we decided it was a time for a change. Jordan prepped and painted this striped wall himself and I only did some touch up work because well, Frogtape is a gimmick and paint does bleed through it...
-Something else we randomly decided to paint was our kitchen cabinets. They are cheap stock cabinets from Lowes that were already painted so we didn't have to sand anything. However, we did find out through trial-and-error that the brown paint was oil-based so we found a fancy bonding primer. Overall, Jordan did a great job and our kitchen is SO much brighter. Even at night.
-I made these bread bowls a couple of weeks ago and while they turned out fine, I wasn't pleased with the recipe. Too vague. I'm going to try a different recipe before I post one to the blog, which I plan on doing because what's more fun than being able to make your own bread bowls??
-Has anyone else been having Spring fever? I have it bad and this out-of-character 60 degree weather we've been having has been playing with my mind. So far it's seemed to have stuck around, but I bet you ten bucks it'll snow in the next week or so.
-Oh pregnancy cravings...for those of you who don't know, I'm 7 months pregnant and starving. ALL the TIME. I kind of hate feeling this hungry because I really don't like to have to be eating every second of every day. But I need to be counting my blessings that I'm not nauseous anymore. Anyway, the little man and I went to McDonald's out of all places for a treat the other day and came out with some treasures. We ordered 3 chocolate chip cookies (surprisingly yummy), a yogurt parfait (my favorite) and a fry (probably could have done without that.) I felt like a fatty, but it cured my hunger for about a half hour so I guess it was a win.
-I know I already posted this to Facebook, but this seriously had me laughing out loud. Kids (especially mini ones), love to bug you and the most inconvenient times. It really is like they're out to get you when you're going to the bathroom or on the phone. Totally my life right now. Ha!


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