Trader Joe's Product Review No. 4-Sweet Treats

This is what happens when you go to Trader Joe's with my mom. You get a lot of treats. Boy was this a good trip! One of our best yet!

1. Pita Chips with Sea Salt: ***** 
I've become a pita chips addict and loved these. I'm used to Stacy's Pita Chips, but I liked how these were much thinner than Stacy's.

2. Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies: *****
These were so good! Completely different than I expected, but perfectly sweet and crunchy!

3. White Cheddar Popcorn: ***
Of course my mom couldn't go without buying some white cheddar popcorn (her personal favorite) and it was really good. I'm not as big of a lover so I probably won't buy it again, but I know she would.

4. Pita Bite Crackers: *****
Holy moly these were so yummy! I've heard they are some of the best crackers and they really are! So good with hummus!

5. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels: ***********
These deserve way more than 5 stars because they are so dang good! I seriously could not stop eating them! You must buy them.

6. Roasted Red Peppers: *****
I mostly love these because of the price. They worked so perfectly in my roasted red pepper alfredo, too.

7. Coconut Strips: ***
I've recently been really drawn to coconut, which is weird, so I really liked these. I never finished the bag so I don't know if I'd buy them again, but they were good while they lasted.

8. Tuscan White Bean Hummus: *****
This is THEE hummus of all hummus! I don't like every flavor of hummus, but I could eat this by the spoonful! It's blended with sun-dried tomatoes and basil and it just got better with every bite. I just couldn't get enough. This is a definite must buy EVERY time I make a trip.


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