Halloween Party Recipes

Well, I figure by posting these recipes today you'll have a whole year to think about them before Halloween comes around again. Here are a few recipes we had at our Halloween party last night.
Want to use up some Halloween candy? Try these buttery Butterfinger cookies. Probably the simplest cookie recipe I've ever made. And oh so yummy.
So I planned on making some ice with gummy worms, but the grocery store I went to was sold out of them. Crazy, no? Anyway, Willy Wonka saved the day with Sluggles, which made for an even creepier frozen concoction.

For these, I placed 3 slugs in each ice tray compartment and then mixed one drop of red and yellow food coloring into 2 cups of water and poured it over the candy. Freeze the trays and then you have some creepy ice.
 The best part is after the ice melts you're left with some slimy critters in the bottom of your glass. Yum.
 We served the sluggish ice in some lime rickey's. Doesn't that vat of purple goo scream Halloween?
 Made my own veggie skeleton with some ranch dip. Had to serve the rest of the veggies on a separate plate, but I'd say it turned out pretty cute.
A friend made these cute little spider Oreos by placing four small strips of red licorice in between each cookie and glued little chocolate candies on top with frosting for the eyes. Loved it.

After we ate we played Horror/Halloween movie themed Sedarahc's (backwards Charades) and called it a night. Super fun and simple. That's how I like things.


  1. Glad to know about your Halloween party recipes. Couple of months ago, on Halloween day, I had invited my cousin and his family for lunch. Prepared a recipe which I recently learnt from Nom Video Sharing and they really liked it very much.


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