No-Bake Pistachio Pudding Pie

I know, I know, this recipe can be found on an actual box of pistachio pudding, but have you actually ever looked at or tried it?

This is Jordan's favorite dessert, which makes us one happy family because it's so easy to make. I've always loved the flavor of pistachio and this dessert is quick, easy and so refreshing. Perfect for a summer BBQ! {Or a midnight snack.}

If you've got ten minutes to spare, try it out.

No-Bake Pistachio Pudding Pie
1 (9-inch) prepared graham cracker pie crust
1 (3.4 oz.) box pistachio instant pudding mix
1 3/4 cups milk (For fuller pie, use 2 packages of pudding mix and 2-3/4 cups milk)
8 oz. whipped topping (Cool Whip)

1. In a small mixing bowl, combine package of pistachio pudding mix and milk. Whisk for two minutes until pudding is starting to set.
2. Pour at once into graham cracker pie crust. Refrigerate at least 1 hour (3 hours for fuller pie) or until set.
3. Once set, spread whipping topping evenly over pudding. Serve cold.


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