Grilled Sausage Zucchini Boats

Oh my word. This stuffed zucchini is out of this world! And this is coming from a girl that has never tried zucchini prior to this summer and has always had a hard time with sausage. Anyway, try this now, like right now. It's honestly amazing! 

Grilled Sausage Zucchini Boats

Adapted from Our Best Bites

4 medium zucchini (about 8”)

extra virgin olive oil

6 sausage links, chopped

1 tsp. onion flakes

2 tsp. garlic, minced

1 tomato, diced 

1/2 tsp. dried basil

2/3 cup pepper jack cheese plus more for topping

1 Tbsp. Italian style bread crumbs

1/4 tsp. kosher salt

1/4 tsp. black pepper

1. Slice zucchini in half lengthwise. Cut off the top and bottom of each slice. Scoop out the centers, saving them in a bowl. Leave at least 1/4 inch around the edges and bottoms. Take the good parts of the zucchini you scooped out and dice up 1/2 cup. (This will go in your filling.)

2. Drizzle the zucchini shells with a little olive oil and use your hands to rub it on all sides. Sprinkle with some kosher salt and black pepper and set aside.

3. Preheat your grill and start working on your filling. Heat a large skillet on medium-high heat and add the sausage. Brown and cook until no longer pink. Add the onion flakes, garlic and diced zucchini. Cook for 3-5 minutes. Add tomato, basil, 1/4 tsp. kosher salt and black pepper. Remove pan from heat and set aside.

4. Take your zucchini to the grill and put them hollow-side down. Grill for about 5 minutes on medium heat. They should have nice charred marks and look tender on the inside. Remove onto a large platter.

5. Add cheese and bread crumbs to filling mixture. Stir to combine and then divide the filling between the zucchini. Top each zucchini with about 1 tablespoon pepper jack cheese.

6. Place them back on the grill filling side up. Close grill lid and cook for another 5 minutes.


  1. i still can't believe that you didn't cook for us once while we were visiting.

  2. That looks amazing. I am almost tempted to go make it 10:11 at night...after I got ready for bed. Yum!


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