Tips/Tricks: OXO Hand-held Mandoline Slicer

OXO Hand-held Mandoline Slicer
Use: Slice vegetables, etc. Adjustable for 3 different thicknesses. 
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I've really only used this mandoline to slice vegetables (onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), but I absolutely love it. It has a good handle, sturdy grip on the vegetable and three thicknesses, which makes slicing a breeze. I also love OXO. It's a quality brand, which is necessary for the kitchen.
It makes cooking that much easier!


  1. Nice tips on oxo mandoline slicer..
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  2. It’s an amazing slicer!!!
    I also bought this oxo good grips mandolin slicer for ease as it consumes less time.
    I have zigzag shape and V-formed cutting edge shaped sharp slicer, it is made up of harden stainless steel blades which helps in cutting both certain vegetables like potatoes and delicate soil grown-up foods like tomatoes.
    Mandolin slicer offers relaxation when there are parties organized at home & we are tired of chopping & slicing vegetables. It becomes very easy for a single person to prepare food fast for number of people with the help of Oxo Mandolin Slicer.


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