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My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2022

  I love sharing things every year that are tried and true and would also make great gifts. Hope you get some good ideas for all of the special people in your life! KITCHEN 1. Kitchen Sink Caddy Holder  - After we redid our kitchen and got a new sink this year, I wanted to organize the area around our faucet. This kitchen sink caddy is awesome and I love how it keeps dish brushes, soap and sponges off the counter. You can easily remove the tray and rinse it clean. Such a great idea! 2. Glass Spice Jars with Labels  - These spice jars have made me ridiculously happy. I had quite the system for spices before so this was definitely an upgrade. I love that they have labels on the front and on the lid. They are so pretty when they're all filled, too. Plus it comes with a spice funnel that makes it so easy to fill them. This would be a great gift for so many people! 3. Progressive Powdered Sugar Storage  - Powdered sugar can make such a mess when it's still in the bag so this holder

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