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My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2023

I love sharing things every year that are tried and true and would also make great gifts. Hope you get some good ideas for all of the special people in your life!  KITCHEN 1. Meyer Cookware  - I was given this set earlier this year and I love it! They're non-stick, stackable and the lids are universal so they fit each pan. Such a great price, too! 2. w&p Plastic Lunch Bowl  - I LOVE this bowl. It's so pretty and I love how it seals shut. I also love these glass containers for the same reason. This is definitely a step up from your classic Tupperware. 3. Nutribullet Blender  - I had been looking for a new blender and my mom got me this one. I make a smoothie every single morning and this thing is a champ. It makes my smoothies perfectly smooth and is also great for small batch recipes. I highly recommend it! 4. Double Layer Fruit Basket  - Our fruit basket seems to be overflowing these days and is sometimes a catch all for more than just fruit. This fruit basket has been a

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